You Really Can Become a Professional Race Car Driver

RC race cars come in five different types. The types of remote-controlled vehicles include trucks, truggy, buggy, drift and street. In the truck category, you usually find more monster trucks than anything else. Some trucks are low riders, but those would belong to the street car category. Then, you have truggies and buggies. A truggy is a cross between a truck and a car. They are used primarily off-road.Buggies are a crossover between trucks and cars, but usually are found on the tracks. Drift cars are simply that; they drift around corners. The tires on this type of car are slick and allow the rear end of the car to slide into the turns. Drifting is the most difficult of street racing strategies. Lastly, you have street racers. They are only found on paved tracks, much like traditional circuit racers.Once you decided on the type of car you wish to acquire, you need to determine how you wish to power the car. These vehicles can be either electric or nitro powered. There are advantages to both. Electrics are cheaper, cleaner and quieter. These would be perfect for indoor racing. If you like the sights and sounds of real racing, opt for the nitro powered vehicles.

Maintaining high end remote control cars should not have to be that difficult; just follow a few simple guidelines. Before and after a race, always check your pinions, shafts and gears for damage. Follow every wire and connector and check for cuts. Look at your tires. Are the treads worn? Like with full-sized vehicles, look for wear patterns in your tires. Check your springs and shocks for leaks or damage as well.

When running races, things tend to break when you least expect it. Have at least two spares of the most commonly replaced parts. You should also have two or three friends as pit crew members. Each person should be responsible for different aspects of keeping your car in the race.

Once you have your rc car tuned and ready to rock, it is time to win a few races. Winning takes three imported things: dedication, team work and practice! If you are in a race or just running a few laps, always keep a stop watch with you. If you have someone with a video camera handy, have them record your runs, and later, you can spot your mistakes.