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Know The Right Action Camera Accessories To Buy Many people prefer action cameras due to its point and shoot features and compact design. It is undeniable that the camera is so versatile as it can be used whether it is in land, snow, underwater, rain or shine. As for those who wish to maximize the capability of such a device, then they must go beyond basic accessories which come with their camera. In order to get the most from it, here are a few accessories that you have to invest particularly if you are a professional. Number 1. Straps or belts – in addition to helmet mount which come with the camera, professionals who like to get professional image must consider adding belts or straps to their action camera. If you would like to capture moments without hassles, then use straps that can let you connect remote control of the cam to your wrist or neck.
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Wrist straps as well as adjustable body strap belts are the perfect accessories when doing POV or Point-Of-View videos. The straps can be used as well to attach the camera to any vented helmet and hold the device in place steadily during extreme sports activities.
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Number 2. Dive housing case – say for example that you are a professional diver or a deep sea diving enthusiast, then having a dive housing case is a must have for sure. These dive housing cases are made out of waterproof materials, that prevents damage to the came while allowing you to clearly capture deep sea activities. Divers can probably capture crisp underwater activities as the waterproof features can withstand 60 meters of sea level. Number 3. Quadcopter – it will be an essential piece of accessory for their action camera for professional and more experience photographers who like doing aerial shots. These types of copters are not like the others as this lets you mount your cam allowing you to get spectacular aerial footage. This is highly advisable to be used by photographers who like to add touch of class as well as aerial footage to their photos or videos and above all, for skydivers who like to record their dive and share it to others. Some copters come with a GPS built-in to help the users suspend the copter in stationary position above the air and film or record scenes. Number 4. Jaw clamp – a jaw flex camp will work fine if you need one mount. The clamp itself has .5 to .6 cm reach making it simpler to attach the clamp to any surface with another mount. And since the neck is adjustable, it is more ideal for people who want to decrease or add height to it.