What to Expect From the Best Valued RC Helicopters on the Market

Just about everyone has played with an RC helicopter at least once. Those who haven’t are missing out on a great source of fun for kids and grown ups alike. RC helicopters are incredibly popular because they make great gifts ranging from the serious collectors item to models geared towards casual flying. Indeed, RC helicopters are getting more and more capable at a lower price. Below are some helicopters which provide the best value for money.

The Best RC helicopter on the Low Range

Many people are new to RC helicopters and are unwilling or unable to spend large amounts of money for highly advanced models. Luckily there are a large number of cheap budged helicopters to choose from. However one must remember that having a reliable and responsive machine offers better value for money than a cheaper model of lesser quality simply due to the fact that the latter is easier to crash and break, which ultimately costs money. For instance, the T-Rex line by Align Helicopters provides a lot of helicopter for the dollar and support regarding spare parts. Another hugely popular model is the Syma S107 because it offers the overall best balance of control, sturdiness and cost.

Taking a Brief Look at the High Range

The bigger the helicopter, the bigger the fun. As a rule of thumb, heavier helicopters have more power, more features and higher speeds. But they are also more expensive, fragile and difficult to fly. Because of the greater cost, these models must be evaluated with care. There are plenty of designs for those for which money is no object, but a budget conscious buyer can still enjoy a powerful RC helicopter.

Align helicopters currently enjoy the highest reputation in the high range class but there are several other competitive options at lower prices. The Blade 130 X BNF is one of the best value for money models out there, providing the feel and performance of a 3D helicopter at a fraction of the price. Similarly, the Century Swift NX provides great bang for the buck with great performance and versatility as well as cheap spare parts. This is a rather substantial cost savings over time.