What is Radius5?

Radius5 is a new social app that allows you to connect electronically with people who are within five miles of your location. This app is a great way to get opinions and ideas from people who are doing what you are doing, going where you are going, and wanting the things that you are wanting. In reaching out to others, you are connecting in ways that you never thought possible.

Explore new interests

In many ways, Radius5 is a great way to put yourself into new situations with all the information you could want. As you go into a neighborhood or a restaurant or wherever, you can connect with the people around you. By doing this you can get personal reviews about where you are from the people who are there with you. This makes for a better experience in a new place, and you can avoid the negative aspects of trying something new.

Multi person conversations

When you download the radius 5 mobile app, you can have a conversation board that involves everyone in your five mile radius. This is a great way to connect and have actual conversations about what is being experienced or done where you are at that moment. For example, if you are in a restaurant and want opinions about the menu items, you can enter a chat room that can focus on the menu and the likes and dislikes of the various foods offered in the restaurant.

Stay connected through email

When you sign up for the Radius5 app, you also have the opportunity to stay connected with the Radius5 community by sharing your email address. This service will provide you with updates about the mobile app itself. It can also help you to stay connected and show you the various methods in which you can connect with the company you find yourself in.

Radius5 may not be the first social gps app available to the public, but it is making strides in the way the connections are made and are continued. The information you share is not kept forever, so you do not have to worry about having your information readily available to any random person. If you are interested in connecting through Radius5, check out your mobile app store.