What are the Benefits of Silk Top Full Lace Wigs

Silk Top Full Lace Wigs are actually not much different than full lace wigs, the only difference is with a silk layer being added at the top-front of the lace wig, which is where the hair is usually parted so it will look exactly like your own scalp. No matter how close you look, you will never spot the hair knots that are injected under the silk layer. This is a very smart design that will make the hair is growing out of your own scalp. No one will ever know you’re actually wearing a wig unless you tell them.

No other types of wigs can offer a realistic look at this level, usually when you wear a wig and you part the hair, the large black hair knots will be very visible, even from a few feet away. But when you wear a silk top full lace wig, these hair knots are completely invisible, no matter how close you look at it. The silk layer is usually covering all areas of your head where parting is usually made, so no matter where you choose to part your hair, whether in the middle or a little to the side, the hair knots will be well-covered by the silk, providing a natural look of hair growing out of the scalp.

Here are some benefits of silk top full lace wigs that you should know:

Compared to any other type of wigs, silk top full lace wigs are the one that can offer the most realistic look.You can forget about bleaching the hair knots or do other things to disguise them, because you don’t have to. In silk top lace wigs, the hair knots are invisible.Each hair strand is injected through the silk layer to the lace below, creating the illusion as if the hair is growing out of your own scalp.Silk top full lace wigs are available in many different sizes, colors, textures and lengths.