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The Difference Between a Christening And Baptism Yes it is true that words baptism and christening are used often interchangeably but in reality, there are lots of differences between it. Most people believe that baptism as well as christening is just the same thing. But the truth is, these two are completely different to each other. Christening basically refers to the child’s dedication, normally an infant to the Christian faith and to Christ. During christening, the child is traditionally reborn and will receive the name given to him or her. By way of Christening the child, the parents make a promise to God that they will raise the kid as a Christian and set as a good Christian example as he/she grows up. The Lutheran church, the Episcopal church and the Catholic church are the 3 main denominations that refer to infant baptism when Christening. On the contrary to Christening, Baptism is actually the act of an “Of Age” adult or child that dedicates themselves to go as opposed to be dedicated to God because of their parents. When it comes to baptism, the person is going to make a conscience choice to fully dedicate himself or herself to God. But when talking about christening, all the decisions is purely made by their parents alone. Baptism is a totally different thing than christening and in that, the person who’s baptized is submerged fully to water. But to christening, the process is simply done by sprinkling water to the child. Actually, it was the act of John the Baptist who baptizes Jesus in river of Jordan that started baptism. Some Christian denominations are also considering baptism as the entrance of someone to Christian faith. What’s more, there are lots of denominations that view christening in the same way.
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It can be somewhat confusing whether to call the event Christening or Baptism but just to be safe, when you are about to attend in these types of events, it will be recommended to make use of the term that the parents used to describe the event. While christening is normally a term being used for infants, baptism is a phrase used generally for adults and children. It could be sometimes unclear which is which, but one thing is the same in either of the said situation and that’s the dedication to Christ through act of faith.
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After all, parents have to set as a good Christian example to their child in order to lead them to a better life after christening while for adults and older children alike, they have to commit themselves to the Christian way and always put God in the first place after baptismal. Through this, there is a higher possibility that people are going to have more positive outlook in life and be closer to God.