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Ingredients Used For Ecig Juices In Electronic Cigarettes The first question that most people have regarding e-liquids is what compose this stuff. This is very much understandable since not many people are aware about it. This is brand new and it seems a bit strange to vaporize liquid with nicotine in it. However, we are going to talk about it and present how it is way better compared to smoking tobaccos. One of the best benefits of utilizing electronic cigarette for smoking is the fact that you expose your body far fewer toxins as well as carcinogens than if you’re smoking traditional tobaccos. The propylene glycol or also known as PG, vegetable glycerin or VG, distilled water and nicotine which is optional as well as the flavouring are the 5 known ingredients that are used in e-juices. Yes it’s somewhat difficult to believe especially when you’re considering thousands of ingredients that are being used in pharmaceuticals, food preservations, make up and many more. They may not be totally safe but, we can almost be certain that they are a lot safer as compared to the alternative. Let us take a quick look on some of the ingredients used. Propylene Glycol – there are a number of anti-vapor critics who have stated that making use of propylene glycol is primarily for anti-freeze and have also said that users of electronic cigarette are inhaling anti-freeze. If you are about to perform a quick search online, you will see that none of these are true. The propylene glycol used as anti-freeze is referred as “industrial grade” and isn’t purely PG. PG that’s used in producing e-liquids are referred as USP propylene glycol and it has a 99.9 percent pharmaceutical grade.
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Vegetable glycerin – this is almost the same as propylene glycol when talking about safety. As a matter of fact, this is non carcinogenic and non toxic. Several studies have shown that whether you inhale it or ingest it to your body, it will create no side effect on any part of your body or lungs.
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With regards to how this particular ingredient could affect your use of electronic cigarette, well vegetable glycerin usually creates bigger clouds of vapour but, it doesn’t carry flavour too. This is the main reason why many of the juice makers are mixing VG as well as PG in varying percentages to be able to find the perfect combination of vapour production and flavour at the same time. Aside from that, some have allergies in propylene glycol while the vegetable glycerin is hypoallergenic. And when it comes to the flavouring of the e-cig, this comes either in oil based or alcohol based extract.