Software That Replaces Traditional Consultation

Are you the top executive over the risk management and compliance systems department of your company? If so, you will be excited about some risk management and/or compliance systems software tools that will transform your organization from the days of manual management and consultation into 21st century automated management. You will find tools that will help you maintain your financial accountability, keep you compliant with environmental regulations, control your risk management, as well as managing your day-to-day activities.

Welcome to Riliance Assist, a risk management resource that will give you visibility over your business’ risk controls, auditing information, and incident reports. This includes over 40 pie charts, graphs and tables to assist you in completing these tasks. Riliance will also help implement automated systems that control processes such as environmental regulatory processes. The training offered by the software will enable employees to easily be compliant with current regulations.

The Riliance Assist program comes with a Webinar library that sends information each month on the latest developments. You will also receive monthly newsletters that will keep you posted on any changes in regulations that you need to be abreast of, telling you how to respond to and interpret any events concerning regulations. One important advantage is that you will be connected to a network of over 1,000 qualified compliance officers. You will have at your disposal those who are in risk management. You will have compliance specialists whose jobs mainly are to ensure you are implementing the current best approaches to compliance procedures.

The Riliance Assist group gives clients the ability to transform outdated management and compliance systems into a software that facilitates day-to-day management of compliance and risk management processes. Riliance Assist has virtually replaced the traditional consulting firms by putting all of these skills and processes into one neat software package. Gone are the days of waiting on professional consultants to come up with advice on management processes and new compliance modules. Gone are the days of expensive consultation fees. In comparison to the expenses of traditional consultation, the Riliance Assist software is relatively inexpensive. For more information on how to take advantage of this software, visit the website,