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The Progression of Web Development The internet reaches millions of people; it is used for professional and personal information. Web developers are responsible for creating web sites and web applications as well as hosting these sites, through their work they create new technologies. The technology that is created is meant to help other developers and end users get a better web experience. The trend and technology advances can be seen in the amount of websites that are published each day. The internet can be seen as a collection of many different websites and functions, both profession and personal. When first invented, the internet was meant to merely be a platform for spreading information and knowledge to the masses. Since this time the internet has come a long way, people from around the world use the internet to connect and interact with other people. Businesses have put a huge focus on their online presence, some care more about their online productivity then their real world productivity. The internet has become one giant marketplace where people can buy, sell and trade all kinds of products and services. The web development process begins with an idea or thought about a web application that could help an individual or a business. Before the process gets any further the thought or idea will be revised and reevaluated. Once the requirements are determined the company will then continue with the development and building process. Web development does not have on demand, developers cannot create a perfectly looking and working website. To get a better understanding of how everything is working the application must be deployed to the internet.
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Web development is the technology and computer languages that are combined to create a computer program that works. There are a lot of different languages that can be used to create websites and applications, they will all do something different but the universal ones that are used for every website are HTML and CSS. Programming languages are a way for the developer and user to communicate with the computer in order to get it to do what they want it to do. Web development is a difficult task, it is more than just writing in computer language, it is a branch of computer science and is used to connect millions of computers and users from all over the world.
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The general public is not concerned with the intricate details of web development, but these technologies have created a way for the public to better use the internet. With the technology out there, everyday people can create and publish professional looking websites. There are a lot of content management systems available that will let you manage your websites so that you do not miss anything. Web developers have taken the technologies that they have learned and made it so not tech people are able to use it and appear to be web enthusiasts.