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Tips on Stacking and Racking Solar Panels You can save on energy costs in your home is by going green. Installing solar panels on the rooftop is one of the ways in which you can go green. When on the roof, the solar panels are fully exposed to the sunlight and can easily generate energy to power your home. When the panels are on the rooftop, nothing is blocking them from getting direct sunlight. However, to provide energy optimally, the panels should be installed correctly. When you want to install solar panels on the roof, use the roof pitch to know the best angle to set them. Doing this will help to capture more sunlight without having to use complex brackets. You can shield part of the solar panel if you want some majority of its energy to be produced to a certain area. However, make sure you are not covering the whole solar panel. Otherwise, you may block the sunlight and the panel will not generate the energy required. As a result, your arctic and home will be cold. Before you mount the solar panels, consider whether the roof will have to be repaired in a few weeks. This will help you avoid some likely costs you may not be aware of. If you plan on replacing the roof, get that job done first before installing solar panels.
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Before installing solar panels, there are a few things you should remember. These are:
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Weather of the region The solar panels installed in your premises may come with a warranty against damage by weather elements. Still, you should take the necessary steps to avoid such damages. Another weather element you should consider is the wind. Ensure the panels have been fastened steadily so that they can’t get blown away by strong winds. Make sure that any solar panels installed in your premises are fastened correctly to prevent them from getting damaged by strong winds. Nearness to a water heater tank To improve the efficiency of your solar panels, it’s best to install them near your domestic heating system. In most homes, the system is installed near the water tank. As winter approaches, make sure the water heater pipes are well insulated. Any systems that have to work in conjunction with the solar panels should be optimized to save energy and for the best performance. Otherwise, your home may not get enough energy no matter how efficient the solar panels may be. Check that the environment where the solar panel will be installed is set to provide the best conditions for the equipment to tap sunlight. Your solar panels will perform optimally if you set them in an area whose environment will improve their accessibility to the sun. The above two tips should be considered when you want to install solar panels at your premises.