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Most Important Things about Passport Photos That You Need to Know There are guidelines that we need to follow so that we can file for the application of our passports without any problem. In this article, we are going to give you useful tips so that you can take care of your passport photos; this is very important because we are all aware of cases where people have to wait for weeks just to have their photos ready. 1) A lot of people have been missing out that it is actually a better idea if they take their own photo at the comfort of their homes or offices, and all they really need are a digital camera, printer, and high quality photo paper. This is a much faster way compared to having your passport photo taken by an agency. 2) What you should look into next is what you should wear during the shoot. It is very recommended that you wear simple clothes. You can even choose a clean, solid colored shirt. You can also opt for a suit if you want. As for accessories, heavy jewelry is highly discouraged. You can use simple stud earrings.
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3) Because it is used in official transactions, the size of the photo is very important. Rules provided by the agencies state that they only accept 2 x 2 inches. Your face and shoulders should be shown in the photo. You have to remember that your photo is more likely to be rejected if any of these rules is not followed. You also have to make sure that the photo is taken not more than 6 month before you submit the photo; this way, you are sure that the picture looks exactly like you. You have to prepare two copies of this photo.
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4) This may not cross your mind often, but having your photo on a photographic paper is actually very important. It is required that you have a light background. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have any light colored; you can use any sheet or blanket to serve as your backdrop. If you don’t follow this and proceed to having a dark colored background, there is a great chance that it will be rejected. There is no need for you to worry if you don’t have your own printer; you can hire photo printing services providers do it for you. They know how to take great passport photos. There is no need for you to wait for your passport photo for weeks. You can get the photo that you need in as fast as less than an hour because these professionals are aware of the latest technology that makes their printing and scanning services a lot better. So take time to check your neighborhood for reliable professional photo studios and individual photographers. These tips will surely be of use for you; following them will not only give you a hassle-free process, it will also save you so much time and effort.