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Learn Everything There Is To Know About CISCO Certification and Training Speaking of CISCO, it is known to be as the leading American multinational technology company whose main business focuses on the designing, manufacturing and selling of networking and internetworking equipments such as routers, bridges, and switches. If you are an IT graduate or even an It professional, going for a CISCO certification may just be the hardest examination you will ever face. Since CISCO deals with equipments like routers and switches, the certification program being implanted for it is in line with information technology. It is important that you have better understanding and knowledge about the various levels of certification before you go and take a CISCO certification exam. Having a better understanding on the paths of certification prior to taking the exam is important since it can help you to easily acquire the credentials and to become a certified CISCO professional. You can find in this article the various levels of certification of CISCO
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We will begin with the associate stage of certification which is considered as one of the lower-ranking certification programs of CISCO. This type of certification is ideal and suited for professionals that are on their entry-level stage yet. When choosing this level of certification, you can actually cross path with two stages of certification path.
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The paths we are pertaining to in this level of certification are the CISCO Certified Network Associate or the CCNA and the CISCO Certified Design Associate. Overcoming other programs for certification that CISCO have, it is significant for a networking or IT professional to first be certified on this level. The next tier that any networking professional must overcome is the professional level of certification. Just like the associate level, professional level of certification also has two paths which are the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and the Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP). Compared to the associate level, the professional level is known to be quite harder. You will get the professional level CISCO certification if you pass the multiple examinations under it. You do not have to worry since you can study about this and besides, if you will pass this certification exam, then you will be among those IT professionals who are proud to have credentials coming from CISCO for such a level. Becoming a certified internetworking expert is the hardest and toughest challenged any IT and networking professional ever faced. The people considered as “elite” in the industry are those who have a CCIE credentials to brag about. If you desire to have career boost and want to earn a six digit income, then the best choice for you is to become a certified CCIE. While preparing for a CISCO certification exam, you can this approach. One of the best way for you to successfully succeed on your exam, you should always train with a CISCO accredited training partner. It is also beneficial for you is you take a simulated CISCO exam all the time.