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What VOIP Systems Can Do For You Without a doubt, telephone systems are extremely important to any business in order for them to achieve success. These are quite complicated as they create interconnected system that could support multiple telephones and even telephonic features similar to call handling, conference call, call transferring and so on. While businesses can agree on essential nature of the networks, not all have the same conclusion on how they must function. When you are about to install phone systems, the user is left with 2 choices, the first is known to be the PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network and the other is Voice Over Internet Protocol or simply known as VOIP. PSTN is somewhat a conventional method in which the analog data is being transferred via international network of copper wires. The thing is, this said method may potentially present complications that may lead to disruption of the business. When it comes to VOIP, it lets voice data packets be sent online, which is a lot more reliable and cost effective approach for businesses to operate. You must know how money can affect every move you make if you want to run a business and make it successful. This is a very important reason to why more and more people are switching to VOIP systems. And because this system operates online, there are no additional charges for all the calls being made. In keeping your VOIP system in operation, it only requires one simple payment for standard internet usage.
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And when compared to PSTN, this incurs charge for every call made regardless if it is an international or local call. Not only that, most of the services that businesses are relying on similar to call forwarding and call waiting are available only at extra cost when making use of PSTN. But these features are typically offered for free when using VOIP.
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Another benefit of VOIP over PSTN is its scalability. While PSTN services require installation of new hardware and lines to increase the operations, VOIP is only requiring software update partnered with increase in bandwidth and that’s it. This is much simpler and more cost effective method than PSTN at the same time. In addition to that, PSTN requires higher amount of bandwidth for it to operate because every line needs around 64kbps in every direction. And not like VOIP, it is just requiring 10kbps for it to compress the voice data packet. It’s quite visible that the VOIP system offers lots of benefits when compared to conventional PSTN. This at the same time is the reason why more and more businesses are switching to this system.