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IT Support and Managed IT Solutions

Group 4 Networks is an IT Support provider renowned for quality online and IT solutions like email hosting, managed IT services, cloud computing, IT Support, IT Consulting, cloud backup and many others.

IT Support costs can be lower with our new discovered and Easy Way. We can Lower Your IT Support Costs While Practically Eliminating Frustrating Computer Problems, Error Messages, and Downtime
We can help you Lower Your IT Costs While Making Your Network Run Faster and With Fewer Problems

Thanks to Group 4 Networks IT Support Services Plan, you can now get all of the computer network support you need for one low, fixed monthly rate without any surprises, hidden costs, or the expense of a full time IT staff! Just look at the benefits:

We deal specifically with small businesses in a friendly and courteous manner, which includes giving home computer and network advice and assessments for the latest software, hardware and even deployment.
We have years of experience with small businesses and know what they want and need. We can help your business in the IT side of things in many different ways.

Our years of experience have taught us a thing or two. Once we setup what you need, we’ll ensure it works properly, and tell you how to utilize your investment in the simplest, most effective way possible.
We’ve dealt with disasters within small businesses; you can feel safe with us no matter what happens.
Cloud based, desktop as a service is another specialty of ours. It’s great for a small team, solely because of accessibility, from any device.

Email! You need it; we understand it – very well. We have experience with Microsoft Exchange Server, whether it’s sitting on a server in-house or if it’s hosted externally. We can even migrate your email for you to better platforms, and provide a third party spam protection service.

Just Look At What One Customer Had To Say About This Incredible Service:
“Your IT Support Plan is the best thing you folks have going. I’ve already seen a measurable decline in the number of computer problems, and the server hasn’t gone down in months. I know this has saved me at least $3,000 in IT support costs and I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about security issues anymore. Thanks!”

About Group 4 Networks

We provide Toronto and GTA businesses with IT Support, IT Consulting and Managed IT Services at a fraction of the cost that they would pay a low-level full time IT Manager. Our team eliminates the hassle of dealing with the single knowledge and abilities of a lone “computer guy.” What makes us unique is that we proactively manage our customer’s computer networks to eliminate many of the headaches and hassles of using computers to run a business.

We guarantee our customers a response within 60 minutes or less and We are the only IT service provider in the region that offers a 60-Day 100% no hassle money back guarantee on our flat rate all inclusive service plans.