How Can App Marketers Fit Into this Clogged and Noisy World?

App marketing is such a fresh and brazen new world. Marketers are itching to see what this thing is capable of. The pressure to properly build an app marketing campaign is even greater, considering the wall to wall reporting of email marketing being dead, banner marketing being dead, traditional marketing being dead, etc. With all the doom and gloom in the air, it can be surprising to find any outlet for marketing anymore?

It goes without saying that many of these claims are exaggerated in an effort to bait a few extra clicks. Obviously, the headline “email marketing is dead” is far more attractive than “email marketing is slowing down- kind of.” But, that is not to say that these sources are slowing down, and there is a wave of users trying to find new ways to make a splash in app marketing. The problem is a traffic jam. With all these people finding their footing in app marketing, the entire pool is diluted. How can anyone make any noise in this messy and chaotic world where everyone is trying and 2% is succeeding?

There is a creative angle to marketing Apps, of course. But, the creative will fail if the basic structure is not established. App marketing is almost solely about niche developing. It is a takeaway that has taken some time to sink in because there is this fundamental hesitation to develop an extremely niche product. The basic idea is to appeal to many customers. Why alienate people intentionally when one can have them all?

It is an idea that seems to date back to the development of the first Ford car. Everyone can use a car. But, the world of the web (and furthermore, the app marketplace) is devised entirely on millions of small niches. In all honesty, an advert should rarely appear. When it does, it should hit that exact user looking for that exact thing. The ideal is a 100% click through. This is not the world where 1 out of 100 works anymore. App marketing is more precise than anyone has initially thought, and success will come when this precision sinks in.