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What You Must Know About Knee Implants Before letting the patient to undergo a total knee replacement, the surgeon is always taking into account their patient’s lifestyle, age and the damage to the joint. Furthermore, the decision of surgeon to utilize such procedure than other one kind of implant mostly rely onto the clinical situation and training received by the doctor. Each knee implant design has its own benefits and drawbacks, but regardless of what implant your surgeon has opted, it is good to be mindful that total knee replacement (TKR) surgeries are offering the highest success rate among orthopedic operations. But before you make a decision, it is highly advisable if you are going to do research on all of your options before you come up to a decision. What actually happens in TKR is that, it is replacing the damaged bearing surfaces to your knees that causes the pain. At the lower end of femur or the thigh bone, the bone is trimmed in order to accept the metal component that’s specifically shaped for it while shin bone or the upper end of tibia is trimmed too so it will accept the metal tray. It’s where the plastic bearing will be fitted in the tray.
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The metal components can be secured to the surfaces of cut bone by the choice of surgeon of either non-cement method or also called as bone in-growth or bone cement. A big percentage of the knee replacements are normally cemented in place. As a matter of fact, this is one thing that you have to inquire in your surgeon.
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Now for the outer surface of femoral component, it’s shaped to let the patellar or the kneecap to slip up and down. Your surgeon has two options, it is either to re-surface it or retain the natural kneecap. The major ligaments in the knee are the cruciate ligaments. They provide stability and support to the movements of your knees. In TKR, the cruciate ligaments could be removed or kept and this choice will depend on its condition, the surgery the surgeon will be performing and type of the knee implant. In your new knee joint, the plastic bearing that will be used is either mobile-bearing or fixed. In other words, the polyethylene insert will be able to move on rotating metal base or clicked to a stationary platform. There are numerous patients who are getting fixed bearing prosthesis that significantly reduces the pain in knees that last for a long period of time. Say that you’re more active, overweight and/or young, there are times that the doctor is going to suggestion you to go with the mobile-bearing or the rotating platform knee replacement.