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How to Choose the Best Ultralight Camping Tent If you are in the market for a ultralight camping tent, the search does not have to be difficult. If you follow these guidelines, you are sure to find the perfect ultralight tent for your camping experience. Make sure the first thing you consider is how many people you need to fit in your ultralight tent. Many times, retailers will categorize their ultralight tents based on the number of occupants that can fit in a specific tent. Consider if it will typically be just you and another person, or if you are bringing the entire family with you. Make sure to keep in mind that there are a lot of ultralight tents that are made to be small in order to reduce the weight. The reason this is important to understand is because when you read that your ultralight tent will sleep 3 people, it means that you will be incredibly close together if you bring in 3 people to your tent. In order to have a little wiggle room, you will want to add an additional person to your count when buying a tent. You will also want to think about the weather, and what times of the year you typically go camping in. Will the majority of your trips be during warm, dry weather? Perhaps you like to go camping in the snow? The kind of ultralight tents depend on the weather you are camping in.
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In terms of weather, the most commonly used tents are season 3 tents. Ultralight tents that are season 3 are created for the spring, summer, and fall. Season 3 ultralight tents have many mesh windows in their build to let breezes into the tent, and are made of material that is very light but can withstand the rain.
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If you are camping in the snow during the winter, a season 4 ultralight tent i the best way to go. These tents will have roofs that are steeper and poles that are stronger so that your tent can withstand the snow. Season 4 tents will also be equipped with less mesh and doors that are smaller to hold the heat in your tent. The last thing you will want to consider is the ease of use of your ultralight tent. Some ultralight tents come with pole clips that allow you to easily set up your tent. If it is rainy or windy, it is important that you find a tent that is easy to put together. Having a tent that is right for your area, weather, and camping style can help you to make the most out of your camping trip, so it is important to understand how to purchase the right tent.