Architectural Rendering Specialist Studio2a Announces Major Portfolio Update


EVANSTON, Ill. — Studio2a, one of the world’s leading architectural rendering agencies, announced a major, recent update to the company’s online portfolio at Now stocked with nearly a hundred Studio2a 3d Architectural Renderings and other samples of past projects, the newly updated portfolio clearly displays the quality and scope of the company’s work. Since 1998, Studio2a has been collaborating with architects, designers, advertising agencies and others to create detailed, realistic, engaging 3d renderings of interior and exterior architectural spaces and other projects.

“Seeing is believing, especially in this industry. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we have just updated our online portfolio,” said Studio2a founder and Principal Adam Kruvand, “From large-scale commercial buildings to intimate residential spaces, our updated portfolio shows how our architecturally informed approach produces results that make a difference. We encourage everyone interested in the field to stop by our website to have a look.”

Ever since individuals began specializing in the field thousands of years ago, architects have struggled with how best to convey their ideas and visions to clients and patrons. While sketches and blueprints can help, they require leaps of imagination that can betray the basic goal. With the advent of realistic, computerized three-dimensional rendering technology in the 1990s and its subsequent refinement, a solution to this age-old problem finally came into sight.

While studying architecture as an undergraduate at the University of Kansas, Studio2a founder Kruvand first became deeply impressed by the potential of 3d rendering technology. Working as a young architect for a world-class athletic architecture firm after graduating, Kruvand decided to pursue 3d rendering on his own, opening the doors of Studio2a in 1998 at a time when there were very few other companies focusing on the same goals.

Since then, the architecturally informed perspective that Studio2a brings to 3d rendering has become a pillar of the industry. Accounting at a basic level for the fact that architectural rendering necessarily implicates two very different and individually complex fields, Studio2a experts stay continually abreast of the latest developments and technologies in each.

Combined with a deep commitment to communicating and collaborating in productive ways, that drive allows the studio to produce renderings that help architects connect more directly with their own clients. With Studio2a’s online portfolio having now been updated, visitors to the company’s website will find dozens of examples of the results of this uniquely effective take on architectural 3d rendering.

About Studio2a:
Since 1998, Studio2a has been one of world’s most successful and influential architectural rendering companies, combining an ever-evolving knowledge of architecture and cutting-edge technological skills with a deep commitment to collaboration and communication.