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Helpful Tips For Anyone Who Is Interested in Purchasing a Solar Panel Mounting System Today’s homeowners are opting to invest in solar panels at a higher rate than ever. These panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which can be used on just about any sort of property. While solar panels were once most popular among people who lived in the country, this is not the case anymore. Even people who live in urban lofts with rooftops are starting to get in on the solar panel craze. If you are hoping to get solar power at home soon, the remainder of this guide ought to be useful to you. Frequently, shoppers don’t realize that they’ll have to buy both solar panels themselves and a solar panel mounting system. Figuring out which solar mounting option is the best one for you can be something of a challenging. As you continue looking through this worthwhile article, you will see everything you need to know about today’s most common systems. Hopefully you will find that one of these seems to fit the needs you have at your house. Flush Mount Solar Panel Systems Are Affordable
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As a general rule, unless you’re able to track down an amazing sale, the least costly and the least difficult solar panel mounting system is a flush mount style. In these kits, you’ll find frames, screws, and metal brackets that need to be attached to the undersides of your panels; ultimately, they’ll be raised just a few inches above the roof on which they’re installed. This sort of solar mounting system works best for small panels, such as those that are used to power recreational vehicles.
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Roof-Ground Mounts Are Quite Versatile Roof-ground mounts, as you likely figured out by their name, are designed for either roof or ground installation, whichever suits you best. Solar panel mounting system kits that fall into this classification come with triangular metal frames and telescopic legs. This affords homeowners the opportunity to choose one-of-a-kind angles at which to pitch their panels. If you can’t quite figure out the prime angles for your property, get in-touch with the person who sold you your solar panels and see if he or she can stop by to provide some aid. The biggest problem with these mounts is that they are not particularly aesthetically pleasing. Pole Mounts Are Usually the Most Expensive Choice Pole mounts are the tallest solar panel mounting system style in existence right now. They also typically have the highest price tags because they contain the most metal of all of the options. These are generally used by people who have at least a few acres; most homeowners’ associations would not allow them due to their height.