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How to Get the Most Benefits from Your Appointment Reminder Software

One of the most useful tools you can use for work or business is appointment reminder software. An appointment reminder’s purpose is to decrease your no-show rate by a minimum of 20%. While the purpose is a good one, there is no assurance that it will actually help you. But that’s not to say that if it’s not working at the moment, it won’t work ever. Perhaps you only need to learn how to use it better so that it actually becomes beneficial.

Here’s how you can do just that:

Studying Call Results

Each appointment reminder software that sends reminders by phone will provide a feedback of the call. Knowing the numbers of people who took and listened to your call will help you determine why they were a no-show. You should get at least an 85% success rate from all phone reminders forwarded by your software. If you were able to do so, see if your reminder software is making several calls and if these are spread over a period of time.

Otherwise, see if the reason was a busy line or a no-answer. Calling a patient again after only a few seconds from your last attempt is futile. Once you have checked your call records and determined that the software isn’t doing as good as you expected it to, then start looking for another provider.

The Importance of Proactivity

Just because you’re using technology in your business doesn’t mean you can stop working. You also need to be proactive so you don’t miss any key indicators of a potential failure. For example, get a list of all cancelled calls and instruct your staff to take them out of the scheduler. A cancelled call is a clear sign that the person has no plans of keeping the appointment, which means it would be good to open the slot for another client. One misconception people have about appointment reminder software is that it performs all the work for you. Of course not! After all, it’s just a tool. You have to make it work, especially to keep you from overbooking.

Venturing Into the Possibilities

Perhaps the reason you still have a high no show rate is that you have invalid numbers. Let your staff go over the call results and scan for numbers that aren’t useful. Most probably, your workers keyed them into the system accidentally; or if clients had to speak to a virtual receptionist, they might have keyed in the wrong numbers. If there are other methods of contact, then by all means, use them. Create a custom message explaining why using a contact method that is not what they have indicated.

Reducing you no-show rate does take time and effort. When you match good appointment reminder software with a proactive staff, you can effectively drive down your no-show rate.

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