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What You Should Know About Solar Racking Many homeowners are turning to solar energy as a way to save on their energy costs and to do their part at helping the environment. If you have been considering solar options for your home, one of the first things you need to consider is the type of solar mount you will use. To find out which system would be best for your home, continue reading. Home solar systems commonly use roof mounts and ground mounts. More people opt for roof mounts because they are cheaper. With roof mounts, you don’t need any supporting structures because you have roof and that saves you money. However, a roof mount may not be an option for everyone for several reasons. You need to have enough space on your roof for your particular solar array. Chimneys, skylights and oddly shaped roofs may prevent you from being able to install a roof mounted solar system. Roof mounts cannot be applied to all types of roofs either. While they are beautiful, clay roof tiles, cannot support a roof mount. In addition, trees and neighboring buildings creating too much shade may also be a problem.
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Although your other option, ground mounts, are more expensive you may get better performance because of the extra air flow. You get more versatility from ground mounts as well. They can be moved to get more sun. If you have a small yard, however, you might not have the ground space to devote to solar panels. If you have small children, you may also want to think hard about getting a ground mount. Children playing in the yard have been known to damage panels. Ground panels need to be trenched. If you live in an area where the soil is particular rocky, trenching may be very difficult.
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The size of your solar array will be determined by your energy needs. The issues concerning the rooftop mounts probably won’t be an issue if you don’t need much solar power. However, I believe it is a good idea to get enough panels so that you can have a surplus of power. Once you’ve fully powered your house, the extra energy goes back into the grid. Most cities will pay you for the energy you generate. If you are going to invest in solar panels for your home, why not invest enough so that you can actually get some money for your efforts. Talk to a solar energy expert to discuss your needs and options when it comes to solar power and solar power mounts. You won’t regret getting off the grid and going solar.