3D Printer Technology for Home or Business Users

Thanks to the advancement of 3D printing technology users are now able to create incredibly complex and intricate objects. Designs can be downloaded for free, or from premium content providers. Objects as simple as a kitchen utensil, or as complex as a prosthetic limb can be created with the touch of a single button. IT might seem like 3D printing would take a lot of time to get the hang of, but it’s actually pretty simple. Newer printers allow even a novice user to create objects quickly and easily. Designs can be imported from a variety of sources, and only require that the printer is hooked up a computer.

Layers of polymer as thin as one hundred microns are layered over each other until they stack high enough to create an object. As the material cools it crystallizes, making the materials rigid. In most cases there is excess material to remove. This can be done with either a solvent or a scraping tool. There are several different methods for removing excess materials. Depending on the complexity of the project it might be necessary to use multiple methods. After the excess material is removed the object will be ready to paint, display, or be used. Designing a project from scratch usually require more cleaning once the project is printed. More complex projects with finer details will most likely also have more excess materials to remove. IF there is too much excess material to remove it might be necessary to adjust the design of the project and try again.

Thanks to more advanced models of printers finer details are easier to design. Models such as the makerbot 3d printer allow the user to create projects with very fine details and watch it being made layer by layer. An all metal design with a Plexiglas window makes it easy for users to watch the entire process from start to finish without having to smell the fumes. There are several different models that range in size from the compact Replicator Mini, to the fifth generation Replicator 2 which has a massive four hundred and ten in work area.