Month: July 2017

PayPal Alternatives for online traders

One of the most fundamental requirements for starting an online business is a payment option. Without it, you have no way for your customers to pay for the purchases they make, while they make them.

Today, PayPal is among the best-known online payment options. While it initially started as the primary payment channel for eBay, customers have become accustomed to paying via PayPal because of its ease and simplicity. As a result, even the more established stores have adopted it as a viable supplement to their other payment processing options.

That said, PayPal has its limitations. For instance, because of its free-for-all nature, the payment services company doesn’t have the time to scrutinize and vet new applicants. As a result, cases of suspected fraud and other irregularities are handled with an immediate freeze or shutdown initiative. PayPal is therefore not a practical choice for merchants in the high-risk business.

Moreover, the company is constantly under backlash, with merchants complaining against unexpected fund holds, account freezes, high transaction fees and poor customer support.

Below are a few healthy alternatives to PayPal, which offer the same services, but with relatively less headache.


Like PayPal, California-based PayJunction provides a web-based virtual terminal via which a merchant can securely accept credit cards, establish recurring billing and accept ACH payments.A client can also add an “add to cart” or “buy now” button to their website via which customers will purchase items immediately.PayJunction gains the upper hand over PayPal by offering a merchant the ability … Read More