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Why Custom Glass Makes a Great Choice for Homes and Offices Sliding glass doors have remained a top choice in the market for the last many decades. Specifically, custom glass doors have been a favorite. These doors are indeed preferred by many because of their functionality and overall aesthetics. Even business owners like to use custom made glass for their commercial spaces and offices because of its attractiveness, and also for the option they have to pick a threshold they think is safe enough. As for homeowners, sliding doors usually placed at the entrance of their swimming area, patio or garden. If you still use a conventional door at home or in your business property, below are reasons you may consider switching to a custom glass door: 1. Security
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Unlike a conventional door, a custom glass door can be designed to have a threshold that guarantees security for your property. Traditional threshold can be easily opened using a hinge. A latch is what secures custom glass doors. That makes it extremely difficult for intruders to open them.
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2. Space When space is limited, sliding glass threshold can offer a great solution. You will often find this type of door in condominiums and apartments. It helps you maximize space by minimizing the obstruction caused by a swinging door. As you may know, swinging doors need space in front for their arc. It’s the arc that makes the door open, but a sliding door has no such requirement for opening it. 3. Availability Custom glass doors are quite easy to find – they’re everywhere! That’s not only true for those who are purchasing entire doors. You will also have no problem finding parts because they are highly available. Nowadays, there are simply so many choices, and you will be able to find anything that matches your wants and needs. 4. Easy Maintenance Making sure that your door is in good condition is not hard to do if it’s a custom glass door. Glass threshold only needs to be cleaned every now and then. In fact, you can buy many solutions without assistance from a pro. To keep the glass clean, for example, simply use a glass cleaning solution. This can be bought anywhere and at a very affordable price. 5. Beauty The sheer beauty of sliding glass threshold is what makes it even more popular. It can easily create magic in a room, making it vibrant and shimmering. If you have a nice landscape garden, you can also have a sliding custom glass door to further enhance its beauty. If you decide to use a custom glass door, remember that this will allow a lot of light to enter the area. In case you’re not such a fan of sunlight, you can always use curtains or blinds.