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Top 9 Benefits of Bowling The game of bowling is loved by approximately 95 million people across the world. In this game, a bowling ball is rolled by each player on a flat, even surface in a bid to score points. The surface is normally made up of synthetic or wood material. The major aim of a player is to either get near another ball called a target or hit objects referred to as pins. Bowling continues to grow in popularity through mediums such as video games and mobile devices. Here are the numerous benefits of bowling. Stimulates growth of muscles Bowling is a form of anaerobic exercise that stimulates the growth of muscles in the body. While playing, the player’s leg muscles are worked as they approach the foul line. The muscles of your arms are developed when you hold the ball in your hands.
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While playing, not only are you building your muscles, you’re also stretching them. Therefore, the general flexibility of your muscles is improved. Swinging your arm to roll the ball exercises your joints, tendons, and ligaments. Aids weight loss All movements in bowling promote the burning of body calories. Thus, bowling is a great workout for losing weight. Just playing three bowling games gives you the benefits of a gym workout. Offers social benefits You can never playing bowling alone. Thus, it helps in building friendships and relationships with new people whom you play with. Promotes a healthy heart Friendships and relationships forged during the sport helps improve the performance of heart muscles. Therefore, the game is healthy for your heart. Helps relieve stress In today’s extremely competitive lifestyle, stress is a big part of our life. The game of bowling is a physical activity that helps relieve stress. Socializing with people whom you’re playing with is an excellent way to ease mental stress. Easy to master Bowling is a game that encourages simple adjustment techniques, making it a favorite of most children and adults. 95 percent of people bowl for competition, relaxation, recreation, and socialization. The simplicity of the game makes it so popular around the world. Improves hand-eye coordination A high level of hand-eye coordination is essential for throwing the ball as well as hitting the pins. This type of focus promotes concentration, mental alertness, and tactical strategy. Thus, bowling is an ideal game for young people because it helps improve hand-eye coordination as well as motor skills. For older folks, it helps improve tactics. Everyone can play it One of the few sports that allow people of any age to play and become pro is bowling. Bowling is enjoyed by all people from senior citizens to preschoolers. It’s also one of the most popular games in high school as well as varsity. There’s minimal risk of injury, which is why it’s popular among older folks. Most bowling alleys can have room for players in wheelchairs and the blind.