When To Use A Security Deposit Lawyer

There is a common problem hat can be easily solved by a breaking a lease in chicago. Some landlords are rigorous in their enforcement of rules when people are moving out of their properties. This can cause some unfortunate problems that not many people prepare for. There is help and cases have been won in court that protect the consumer. Anyone who thinks they are being treated unfairly should consult a legal professional right away. There is no reason to be pushed around and suffer needlessly because a landlord is trying to get away with unethical actions.

Sometimes when people are moving out of their apartments, there are unexpected problems and it is not possible to move out on time. Other times people are late with returning their keys, even though they were able to move out in a timely fashion. In these situations, some landlords try to take advantage of an opportunity and demand extra payments. While it may be consistent with the original terms of the lease, charging tenants for an extra month of rent because they were a few days late moving out can be costly. It is one thing to withhold a security deposit because people are late moving out, but charging more rent is a problem.

In the case of late key returns, many landlords will withhold the security deposit for the two weeks from the date the keys were returned. They have two weeks from the date of the tenants vacating the premises, but they always are looking for a way to ask for more money. There have been cases where the security deposit was reduced due to the late key return. These kinds of cases have extensive examples of the courts finding in favor of the tenant. Common sense prevails and a grace period could have been observed.

There are legal experts with experience fighting for and winning Illinois tenants lawyer cases. Those who think they are being treated unfairly should contact one of these attorneys and discuss the case. This is a valuable resource that many communities could benefit from and shows that tenants deserve common sense treatment. Many cases can be decided out of court and settled to keep the distractions to everyone’s lives at a minimum.