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What to Consider When Choosing a Storage and Moving Service Provider Shifting offices or moving houses comes with a great deal of responsibility. That is because of the hectic and tiring work involved. Proper arrangements ought to have been made and the new place or storage facility prepared adequately. That is why we have compiled a list of important things to consider when looking for the right service provider. The first and most important item will be the equipment being transported and stored. Under this, you are to analyze value, quantity, and size since they will affect your choice of facility and transport directly. It is also important to consider how soon or often you will need the equipment. Urgency of using the equipment influences location of the storage facility whereby a local facility will be appropriate if the tools have to be used soon or frequently. Next will be the qualification of the company providing storage and moving services. A license from the relevant authority would show that they are competent enough to work for you. They will help you ascertain legitimacy of the company and protection of your equipment in case of damages or losses. Insurance is also important as it guarantees compensation of your goods in case anything happens to them.
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Do your research well before settling on a given company. Referrals and recommendations will save you the headache of moving up and about from one office to the next. A family member or close friend will simply direct you to a good company he has worked with before.
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It would be impossible not to include experience in this list. This is what separates competent service providers from the rest. The quality of service you are going to get is highly dependent on the experience of the company. Nothing deters them because they have seen it all in the years they have been in business. Security measures imposed by the company will be our next concern. You need to be assured of the equipment’s safety during packaging, loading, transit, and finally offloading. The storage facility should also do the same for the equipment being stored at their place. To finish off, you need to compare and seek clarity on the charges. Other than the fixed service charge, you should inquire about other hidden costs. Hidden costs such as charges on loading and offloading should be revealed and included in the overall quotation. Deposits and access fees also fall into this category.