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Benefits of an IP Telephone System in an Office Environment Having an IP phone system ensures provision of telephone calls over networks integrated by IP systems. This is due to the use of data packets to send information across these networks. Such IP technology systems provide scalable and robust communication using advanced technologies. Some of the advantages of incorporating an IP system include the following. Simpler in installation and configuration An IP system runs as software on a computer thus leverages the advanced processing power of the computer and the user-interface as well as including Windows features. These IP systems can be installed by anyone possessing knowledge in computers and networking unlike proprietary systems that require skilled technicians.
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Easier to manage due to web based configuration interface
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Configuration systems of IP services can be web based or use GUI. By doing this, you can ensure that the management and maintenance of the fine tuning activities is achieved. Normal phone systems may have interfaces that are complicated and difficult to use that makes them designed for use by technicians. Helps in reducing costs An IP system can use VOIP service providers for long distance calls or international ones. Sometimes offices have branches. Calling over IP yields better calls per distance. This makes it possible to have free calls between the offices. Eliminates phone wires The biggest advantage of using an IP telephony system is the reduced need for use of phone wires and cables. This can be shared with adjacent computers. Doing this reduces the need for phone for phone wiring making addition of phone extensions easy. This procedure makes it easier to add phones to the network by simply extending the connection without need of extra wires. Possible to scale Proprietary phone systems are easy to outgrow. This is because adding more phone lines and extensions requires expensive hardware modules. Sometimes it can be unavoidable to buy and install completely new phone systems. However, in the case of an IP system all that is needed is o add phones to the network without more phone lines. Better customer service and productivity. This is because it is easier to integrate functions that are phone based. The systems can have business systems integrated in them making it easier to deliver customer care services by letting your employees interact with customers through one efficient device – the computer.