Utilizing Management Software to Streamline School Dstricts

School districts in many States are growing to include more schools or are being reorganized to downsize administrative staff and processes. The idea, for some, is overwhelming due to the vast amounts of information needed for each student, each school, funding, testing, and teachers. Schools with different systems and programs are being placed within the same district. Districts are changing, and some of the areas, especially rural ones, have little to no management systems in place at all. The streamlining process has the potential to become a disaster if integrated systems are not put in place.

Management software can be used to make processes more efficient, easier, and more convenient for schools, employees, students, and parents. This helpful site explains the different components of management software that can be integrated with existing systems to save time, cut costs, and benefit everyone involved. Services include installing the software and customizing it to suit the needs of the district. Training users on the operation and capabilities of each system that applies to them will be completed. It can be done on-site or through web-based training. The web-based training may be a bit more cost-effective and includes webinars, guided tutorial videos, and remote training. On going support and updates to the management software is also included in the services provided by the company.

The software is designed to track each student from kindergarten through graduation. The Student Data Management System (SDMS) is the central component of the package. It allows for database management and tracking of individual students. That means grades, activities, interventions, testing scores, special services, funding per pupil results, and which schools that child has attended within the district. It has everything in one place. Administrators can access it if needed, teachers can enter grades and notes, and guidance counselors can use the information to help the child explore career or college opportunities. 

Other management software allows parents to pay online for lunches, spirit wear, school pictures, trip fees, and any other payments necessary. Cafeteria personnel have access to software that lets them know lunch fees for each student, any allergies, dietary restrictions, and current balances. TimeClock is used to schedule teachers, staff, trips, and gym times for sports. It can also serve as a record of time, illness, and pay rates for each employee.