Using Google Penalty Recovery Tools

When a website receives a Google penalty, the downward changes in visitor activity can be disastrous. In order to correct these problems, the first step is to identify which type of penalty your website has received. The most common penalties are the Penguin and Panda. The simplest way to determine which type of penalty has been assigned when the website has been in decline over a long period of time is to use Google tools to determine when the problem started. Panda was rolled out in August of 2013 and is an algorithm used to evaluate the overall quality of the website. The Penguin algorithm was put into place in April of 2012 and targeted websites that built back-links with very aggressive techniques. While Panda affects the entire website, the Penguin changes cause page specific declines in traffic.

Google Penalty Recovery Tools

Use the search queries tools in your Google’s toolbox to generate graphs that show total page views. Older websites may find that they experienced a precipitous drop in page views for individual web pages. When those web pages receive numerous suspect back-links, it is a good bet that the Penguin update has automatically downgraded it. Check the overall views for the website within Google’s set of webmaster tools.

If the graph shows a gradual decline in site-wide visitors over time, then a quality upgrade is in order due to a Panda penalty. Check for crawl errors using this same set of tools. In some cases, when violations are flagrant, web pages and even the entire website can be de-listed by the search engine. When this happens, the sooner your webmaster finds out, the sooner drastic changes can be made. If you find a significant problem with crawl errors, check the index status of the website.

Since the overall quality of the web page matters, the webmaster Google penalty recovery tools that deal with appearance are vital. When the data is properly structured and presented to Google, your page is more likely to be noticed and indexed properly. Working with the data highlighter, it is possible to make it even easier for web crawlers to read and process your information.These tools are easy to use. Staying up-to-date and acting quickly when a penalty has been assigned by Google will help to maintain higher page ranking for your selected keywords.