Track Pupils’ Progress Efficiently

It can be complicated and time consuming to track each pupil’s progress across data. You have attendance records, assessment scores, interventions used, money spent and measurement of performance to consider and compile to create any type of report. You may need all that data or just parts of it to report to parents or comply with regulations and requirements. That is a lot of time spent that could be spent on more important things like lesson planning or actual teaching. Cross referencing, if any is needed, adds more time to the task. When you consider the number of pupils you have, it can all get pretty overwhelming.

You may find a new application tool useful in tracking pupil progress that will take less time and give you more insight into the data you have already. You can use information to make informed decisions about interventions and assessments. The application is called School Intelligence and it was developed using a business intelligence platform. You can have access to all your data at once and choose filters to create comprehensive reports. Details and a free trial of the application tool is available at pupil tracker. This tool works with your current data collection system and is cloud based. That means there is no hardware or software to purchase or install. Set up time is minimal and there is no lengthy training needed to be scheduled for all your teachers. The guidebook is simple and detailed in all of six pages. You get a straightforward dashboard that allows you to alter filters to get comprehensive reporting on each pupil or a particular class or a specific program.

The application tool comes with full consultancy and support to help you get the most from your data. You will be shown how flexible the tool is and learn how you can customize it to suit your needs, add data resources or change reporting procedures to cater to changes in education policies. You can utilize support for questions and for help in understanding the application tool. Once you understand it, you can easily master it. The time savings alone is worth looking into it.