Stripe Users Find Helpful Ways of Dealing With a Common Xero Complaint

Over the course of a few short years, the Xero software-as-a-service accounting system has become a big hit with small and medium businesses. Unlike the packaged-software competitor that has been the norm in the field for so many years, Xero relieves users of having to update and maintain it. Because the company maintains the actual software on its own servers, it is also more proactive about releasing new features and improvements. The overall package is compelling enough that many owners and operators of small and medium-sized companies report great satisfaction with the product, something that is fairly rare when it comes to accounting software.

Another big reason for that is just how flexible and accommodating Xero is. It is a point of pride for the company that Xero interfaces so seamlessly with so many financial data sources, making it a great fit for business leaders who have more interesting things than manual importation to take care of.

Even with so much going for it in this way, though, Xero does have one notable weakness of this sort. As users have noted with consternation for a long time now, its integration with the Stripe payments system can leave a lot to be desired.

Stripe To Xero interfacing, unfortunately, seems to be designed to take care of the most common use cases, but in a way that neglects particular needs that are nearly as much so. The most pointed problem is the way that Xero bundles Stripe transactions into a single entry by default, sweeping up a whole day’s worth of credits and debits into a tangled ball that can be difficult to unravel.

While the makers of Xero have not shown much interest in offering a more flexible way of admitting Stripe data, there are alternatives. At least one company today now offers a plugin that can be used to translate those overly compact Stripe entries into more detailed, distinct ones. That can make it much easier for Xero users to take care of things like issuing refunds or accounting for charge reversals while still enjoying everything else that Xero has to offer.