Razer Razer Anansi Gaming Keyboard Review

This review compares the Razer Anansi gaming keyboard and sets out how much out of this relatively recent accessory for the manufacturers range. First of all the entire premise behind the style of this model is it continues to be particularly created for massive multi-player on the internet (MMO) and as a result it’s outfitted with a few extra buttons where you can program enough macros and game profiles.

You will find yet another row of seven buttons underneath the spacebar, they are designated T1 right through to T7. Pressing one of these simple buttons allows the consumer to instantly alter the current purpose of the keyboard’s top row of number secrets someone to zero along with the hyphen and equal sign secrets, (twelve total) and as a result a person execute procedures that will the require using the Control, Alt, and Change modifier secrets for use, and when dedicated to memory this really is clearly likely to improve a player’s speed and abilities substantially.

It’s also worth mentioning the Anansi works effortlessly with Razer”s Naga gaming mouse, that”s the one which appears like a mobile phone, and enables for function switching from the Naga”s button array in the keyboard itself, this is often a helpful feature in certain gaming situations.

The Anansi has the capacity to record macros in a game title happening more generally referred to as on-the-fly switching, this could further increase playing speed.

Also featured about this keyboard may be the all-important Home windows menu lock to prevent the desktop menu appearing in a critical moment which been the demise of numerous players previously. The conventional variety of media secrets will also be easily placed.

It’s possible while using Razer software to configure all of the secrets around the Anansi for macros thus supplying greater than will most likely be needed, additionally for this possibility you will find five devoted macro buttons around the left side from the keyboard, these would definitely be designed to complete 5 most used key combinations.

Any benefit of the Razer Anansi is the opportunity to store and switch between as much as twenty game profiles, for enjoying a number of different games or figures this facility helps you to save a whole lot of amount of time in remapping secrets.

This model has back-lighting and could be personalized from the palette of countless colors, the down-side to carrying this out though is it will need using two USB ports, if no spare ports can be found then you definitely will not have the ability to make use of this feature.

Primary Features

7 separate key modifier buttons

All secrets Prrr-rrrglable

20 Profile storage with simple switching

5 standalone Macro secrets

Gaming mode key

Media secrets

Keyboard size in mm: 515 mm x 190 mm x 22 mm

System Needs

PC with USB port

Home windows 7,Vista,XP Mac OS X 10.5 or better

Web connection for motorists

A minimum of 35MB of hard disk drive space

The Great

Ideal for mmo gaming

More macros than you’ll ever need

Nice key spacing specifically for small hands

Multi color backlighting

The thumb buttons underneath the spacebar are awesome

Matt finish at a lower price fingermarks

Excellent driver software, easy to use

Comfortable secrets and nice to type on

The Not Too Good

Fairly lightweight, maybe a little flimsy

Height adjustment isn’t that good

Quite pricey

No manual incorporated only a start guide

Still a couple of qc problems

No onboard electrical sockets for earphone and mic

No passthrough USB

Backlighting ok although not that vibrant

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Razer Anansi Summary

To summarize then, nearly all purchasers appear pleased with their acquisition of this keyboard, and exactly how it works, individuals extra modifier buttons for that thumb underneath the spacebar are preferred among all, and at least the program for that programming is both intuitive and easy to use. There has been some issues on early good examples with secrets getting stuck, however this seems to become a qc problem, and something that the makers will work to fix. The backlit array is colorful but maybe it’s a little better.

For those who have this type of money to invest, and aren’t sure you need or want individuals buttons provided by the Anansi, you might want to take a look at what else you will get for the dollars only at that level, here really are a couple of suggestions that will help you, a large favorite within this cost bracket may be the Logitech G510, this can be a attempted and reliable keyboard with this oh-so-awesome Vast screen, a ton of macros, all of the ports and electrical sockets you’ll need and ideal back-lighting.

For any couple of dollars more there’s the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate, a great all-round keyboard which utilizes mechanical secrets.

For approximately exactly the same cost there’s the, Steelseries Change which enables for using game-specific keysets that are being sold individually and also the Merc Stealth that is still selling reasonably well. Finally there’s the Thermaltake Tt eSports MEKA G1, a family member newcomer which is outfitted with mechanical secrets.