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PayPal Alternatives for online traders

One of the most fundamental requirements for starting an online business is a payment option. Without it, you have no way for your customers to pay for the purchases they make, while they make them.

Today, PayPal is among the best-known online payment options. While it initially started as the primary payment channel for eBay, customers have become accustomed to paying via PayPal because of its ease and simplicity. As a result, even the more established stores have adopted it as a viable supplement to their other payment processing options.

That said, PayPal has its limitations. For instance, because of its free-for-all nature, the payment services company doesn’t have the time to scrutinize and vet new applicants. As a result, cases of suspected fraud and other irregularities are handled with an immediate freeze or shutdown initiative. PayPal is therefore not a practical choice for merchants in the high-risk business.

Moreover, the company is constantly under backlash, with merchants complaining against unexpected fund holds, account freezes, high transaction fees and poor customer support.

Below are a few healthy alternatives to PayPal, which offer the same services, but with relatively less headache.


Like PayPal, California-based PayJunction provides a web-based virtual terminal via which a merchant can securely accept credit cards, establish recurring billing and accept ACH payments.A client can also add an “add to cart” or “buy now” button to their website via which customers will purchase items immediately.PayJunction gains the upper hand over PayPal by offering a merchant the ability to customize payment profiles based on a business’s type and volume of sales.

eMerchantBroker (EMB)

Based in Los Angeles, eMerchantBroker offers traditional credit card processing solutions as well as an online payment gateway that integrates well into a merchant’s website.In addition to a ballooning number of satisfied clients, EMB is the number one credit card processing company for high-risk businesses in the country. Furthermore, with virtually no customer complaints to be found anywhere, it is evident that the company takes customer support very seriously.

Amazon Payments

Depending on your business, both Checkout by Amazon and Amazon Simple Pay can be feasible alternatives to PayPal. The advantage of these options is that they allow the customer to make payments directly from the merchant’s website, as opposed to PayPal’s checkout system, which directs a buyer to the PayPal website to complete a purchase.Additionally, Amazon Payments transaction fees gradually decrease as a merchant’s monthly volume increases.

The list of reliable, full-service PayPal alternatives is generously long, but the above are what we consider the best of the best. That said, each of these companies, including PayPal has its strengths and weaknesses.It is, therefore, advisable to do proper research to determine which payment services provider is most suitable for your business.

Questions About Homes You Must Know the Answers To

The Best Smart Home Products

There have been a transition from the modern homes to a more improved home referred to as a smart home. Among the thing which have come with the smart technology include smart cars, smart phones, smart televisions as well as many other devices. A smart home, for example, tends to have a synchronization of the cooking utensils, clocks, cameras, locks, window blinds, windows, appliances, hot water heaters among other appliances. In automating a home, there is synchronization of all or some of the devices such that one can command them from a single device. Unlike in the past where smart homes only existed in fiction, today’s world has smart homes as a reality.

Just like it sounds, home automation enables one to control devices in a house with something as simple as pushing a button on a remote, just giving one’s computer a command or even having to use a smartphone to control everything. Among the advantages of a smart home, one does not have to run around a nine-bedrooms house closing the windows and closing the curtains and then switching off the lights. Where one has automated his or her home, he or she would need to use very little effort to switch on and off of the security lights as well. It is definitely tasking where one has to walk upstairs to a certain room he or she suspects that the curtains have not been tack, the window is open or the lights have not been switched on.

One would need to know that a smart home is categorized into simple lighting gadgets to a more complex system that includes the control of surveillance cameras. Usage of the automated surveillance cameras allow one to be able to control all the cameras and hence the ability to watch both the interior as well as the exterior of the home in question. In a case where one has invested in camera and other surveillance technology, one is able to view his or her parking lot as well as other areas within the homestead. One way of ensuring that one goes for the best technology when automating a home is through ensuring that one has learnt enough. For one to invest in the best technology, it would be wise for one to make sure that he or she reads enough literature about smart homes, smart home gadgets as well as smart home products.

It is only through exposing oneself to smart homes technology literature that one can have options when investing in various gadgets and products. After one has enough knowledge about smart homes, smart home products, and smart homes gadgets, one can then go ahead and invest in his or her technology, product or gadget of choice. One would also need to investigate other smart home products and gadgets such as smart sprinklers, smart lawn mowers, ovens, air conditioners among others.

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