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Why TV Shows Are so Popular Television has become the most common means of getting entertained these days. This is especially these days because more and more people prefer to pass their time while enjoying some television programs. The programs aired on the televisions vary daily. However there are series programs that are aired as episodes. These episodes carry the story line forward from where it was left the last time. This ensures that one says captivated and glued to their screens. Whatever they are, there is always a good way to get it done in the right way. Here are some of the reasons why people are captivated by series. They are able to entertain Almost all the story lines in a series are very captivating. This will make a person want to spend more of their time seated following up the program. This ensures that their thirst for entertainment is quenched. However, this requires one to say alert in order to ensure that they do not miss a single episode of the program. This urge is able to make one feel entertained for longer periods of time. This is however not applicable to programs with new story lines for each episode.
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Most series programs always end each episode with suspense in order to make one want to really know what happens in the next episode. Anxiety is a common occurrence for people while they wait for the release or start of the next episode. In the process of waiting for the next episode one may become a little anxious since this makes the urge for watching the next episode even bigger. Pushes time There are people who do not have much to do with their time. This includes people who are generally idle and people who have a problem with insomnia. In some cases, people who have insomnia can also utilize their time watching series. This helps them to be distracted from their boredom or lack of sleep. This creates an environment where they can relax and enjoy watching the series at peace. It boosts creativity In the process of thinking about what may happen during the next scene or episode, one is able to utilize their creative skills thus making the brain more active. This is because the brain is made more active. This makes their brains to become more alert during the period within which they watch. They may even be able to come up with a story line of their own by making use of the new creativity that they have gotten from watching series.