New Vision Systems and Accessories for Your Machines

Vision systems for commercial and industrial machines are used in many applications in the fields of robotics, research, manufacturing automation, medical applications, surveillance and aeronautics, just as a few examples. When choosing the appropriate vision systems for your machines, you need excellent picture quality, high zoom capability and varying frame rates. You also need a camera that is innovative, reliable and, hopefully cost effective. The best cameras are ones that are simple to operate and do not require a lot of complicated programming to get the job done. You do have options that can fulfill those requirements.

Some of the features of the XC models include functions that are controlled with a set of switch settings located on the back of the camera, data interface that is standard video analog and it comes with near infrared and ultraviolet sensitive models. The XC-ST series can tolerate high shock and vibrations and still withstand demanding machine vision applications. The XC-HR combines high resolution with high frame rates and has a progressive scan format. The XC-E model trades off some connectivity features for a more compact and lightweight design. Other options include an ACE camera series that blends high performance with simplicity and low cost. CellPad has a microscope camera that they are referring to as the “next generation” of this type of camera. Ultrasmall high performance cameras are also available, along with snake and drain cameras.

Vision accessories are also needed with some systems. You can find lenses, power supplies, camera link cables, and mount accessories for competitive prices. Getting the camera systems and supplies you need in one place is a quick, effective way to keep your machines running smoothly and operating efficiently at their highest performance levels. A wide selection in stock that is increasing and adding new products on an ongoing basis means you know you have access to the latest equipment available. A streamline ordering and shipping process is essential for getting what you need when you need it. When looking for a new system or parts and accessories for your existing system, make sure you are working with a reliable company with experience supplying equipment to suit the precise needs of your machines.