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Benefits of Environmental Awareness

Providing education on the importance of conserving our environment is called environmental awareness. The Things that are found around us makes the environment. Creating awareness can be done in several ways; in schools, churches, hospitals, local women groups, through media, advertisements, putting banners in the streets and many other ways. It is for the purpose of ensuring that we live free from dangers of dirty environment. Below are some of the necessities of environmental education.

It has led to reduction in diseases. Unnecessary disease will be prevented if you are living in an environment that is free from pollution and toxic gases. Large number of trees is going to result in the increased rate of absorption of toxic gases from the atmosphere thus preventing the risk of contracting diseases. Deaths resulting from sickness are going to be minimized since people have educated on the importance of draining stagnant waters. Malaria kills millions of people in the world. Living organisms that are found in the soil are also going to be safe since pollution is going to be controlled.

Increase in agricultural production also comes as a result of environmental education. A a lot of precipitation is required for the well-being of groups. Avoiding deforestation and encouraging people to plant more trees is going to result in the increase of rainfall. The rate of transpiration is going to increase hence increasing the amount of rainfall and since trees are water catchment. The greater the amount of rain the larger the number of trees. Nutritional deficiency diseases are going to be avoided as a result of high agricultural production people will have to eat well.
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Environmental awareness is also going to result in economic growth. Soft or exotic trees can be utilized in the manufacturing industries for the production of paper. Printing Industries and other paper related industries are going to use that paper in making other items like books and making printouts . This is going to lead to creation of many job opportunities in the forest in cutting, transportation, in the manufacturing sector and also in the printing industries. Apart from that recycling the plastics and polythene bags are also going to help in boosting the economy of the country by creating jobs.
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Enough fresh water is going to be available due to increased rainfall. A lot of rainfall is going to be realized since cutting down of trees has been controlled, and afforestation promoted. People will drink and use clean water which is safe from viruses and bacteria that may cause health problems.