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Familiarizing Yourself With the Culture in Kenya Kenya is surrounded by Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Ethopia and Somalia, it is located in the Eastern part of Africa. It composes of eight provinces in like the Nyanza, Central, Western, Coastal and North Eastern Province. It compromises 42 ethnic groups in the whole country each of the group has its own uniqueness and various beliefs that they follow. Most of the language in Kenya has three composition the Batus, Nilotes and the Cushites. The official language on the other hand is the English and Swahili this are spoken widely by the majority of the people. Sheng is another language that is used in the local areas used by young people. Visitors in Kenya must learn a little of Swahili because it is being used in the rural areas, you wont be needing an interpreter while talking with the local people. Kenya having its population of about 32 million, 70% of its population in the rural areas and 30 percent in the urban areas, financial difficulties in the rural areas made a lot of people, the young ones especially youth migrate to the cities where they can get employment. The culture in Kenya is being reflected in a lot of ways which depend on the various influence of the food, culture, music and language.
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The very popular staple food is the Nyama Choma, Ugali and the tea, the meat is very delicious, you will see this cuisine every time you attend special occasions. In Kenya, tea time is all the time, it composes of milk, sugar, and tea leaves, it has been present in any time of the day, one common drink in Kenya is the branded beer the Tusker.
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In huge pubs, one will find people eating Nyama Choma with bottle of Tusker beer, other known food include rice, fish, chicken and Chapati. The government allowed the freedom of worship at all times, there are multiple church denominations in all the country. Half of the population in Kenya are Christians, others include Muslim, Hindu and traditional belief. Kenya has a wide range of music composing the local and the international, these includes various folk songs, hip hop, fusion of African music, Benga music and others as well. The art and the artifacts are influenced by different ethnic groups, local people uses various raw materials to weave and make carvings like the baskets, mats, necklace and pictures carved wood sculptures and clothing being known in the international market. Ethnic groups have shown respect their own ancestors, they have given respect to their fore fathers all the time. Their names are from one generation to another coming from centuries ago. They always think that the spirit of their ancestors have still been presence even after death.