HyperCam 3.1 Enhances Screen Capture Quality and speed through Microsoft Screen Codec

SolveigMM announces HyperCam 3.1 – latest version from the popular program HyperCam. This program enables the customers to capture and record the experience on screen, audio and video which makes it appropriate for more editing of recorded material.

The brand new form of HyperCam allows you to employ the pre-installed Microsoft Screen Codec for top-quality data compression, and, unlike the prior version, to record and also to edit not just AVI files, but additionally Wmv file and ASF, using codecs like AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and etc. Wmv file and ASF formats come with an edge on AVI because they have additional features, for example protection against unauthorized copying. For using the most popular MPEG-4, it allows you to definitely record full-length movies on a single Compact disc and also to share video clips online. Older formats for example AVI don’t support new codec feature of Wmv file and ASF, for example protection against unauthorized copying.

Today HyperCam is among the easiest and economical tools for taking video from the web, recording playable movies, music, or gaming periods. The plethora of options that come with this program is very broad – from private use to creating videos as much as creating corporate presentations and visual helps. A relevant video, produced using HyperCam, could be written to Compact disc, published for your web or blogsite.

You train with the program while using hot-secrets which you’ll alternation in the configurations from the product. Convenient interface from the command line causes it to be easy to use HyperCam to automate and also to integrate it tactic to other programs.

HyperCam 3.1 works with Home windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Home windows 7. This program includes a pretty, user-friendly, intuitive graphical interface, a circumspect system of text annotations, along with the chance to select and also to record the required image area or perhaps a specific window. As with the prior version, HyperCam 3.1 can record what’s happening on screen as AVI file and edit inside a build-on television editor, compress, capture video and audio. If required, you are able to pause an archive and continue later.

Additionally, based on SolveigMM Boss Dmitry Vergeles, HyperCam has lots of advantages within the other similar programs. “For instance, HyperCam causes it to be easy to capture video in overlay, it’s more complex editing technology – without transcoding. Besides, the cost of HyperCam is considerably lower compared to analogues. Later on we intend to enhance the options that come with this program to capture video and audio. We’ll may also increase the rate to capture video in the overlay mode making a zoom, expand the functions of editing,” stated Dmitry Vergeles.

About Solveig Multimedia:

Founded in 2003, Solveig Multimedia is really a development and research company concentrating in advanced video-editing solutions for home customers and professionals.

The companys programs and SDKs support cutting-edge video standards and formats like MP4 ISO, AVCHD, WEB M / HTML5 video, H264/AVC, Matroska, MPEG-2, etc.

The important thing items of Solveig MM are Video Splitter, a complete-functional video editor, HyperCam, a software application for taking screen actions, SolveigMM AVI Trimmer, a totally free video editor, and SolveigMM Video Editing SDK.

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