Chelsea would be the new Premier League champions

The Blues have clinched their fifth British league title following a 1 conquer Very Structure. This Premier League title is going to be Mourinhos eighth league triumph across Europe. The Portuguese boss has won two title with Porto, two in Italia at Inter, one with Real Madrid and three with Chelsea in England. For some of the best teams the title is finished however the fight for Champions League places continues to be on.

Only a minute prior to the half-time break, Eden Hazards penalty against Very Structure was saved however the Belgian headed-within the rebound and permitted his side to generate an not possible tally of 83 points this year. Free Airline Londoners celebrated in the Stamford Bridge on Sunday plus they are now able to play more freely within the remaining three fittings.

Within the publish match interview following the match from the Eagles, Mourinho stated: “I possibly could choose another club internationally where it’s simpler to become champion however i chose the most challenging league in Europe where I had been happy before.

“Within my country, Portugal, we are saying dont return to in which you were happy before since it is a danger.

“However I took that risk and Im so happy since i won another Premier League ten years later within my second spell. To win game titles with two decades, ten years apart, Personally i think I’ve got a devote Chelseas history.

The 52-year-old feels that his side has been doing something to show these were the very best in England this year and also the criticisms against options are unfair.

“I believe we demonstrated everything football demands from the team since the first day. We’ve had fantastic attacking football, fantastic domination, high possession, low possession and defended wonderfully.

“There’s a saying within my country for those that have large faces and say we dont deserve it the dogs bark and also the caravan passes. They might not say however they know.”

Louis van Gaals Manchester U . s . lost their third match consecutively, therefore quitting on top three finish. Brendan Rodgers Liverpool are gradually making up ground and there’s only a four points gap backward and forward rivals. The Merseyside titans face the recently crowned champions in the Stamford Bridge in the weekend. Guy U . s . cant afford more slip-ups, although, it’s possible to expect Chelsea to conquer Liverpool in your own home. If Liverpool lose and U . s . win a few days ago, all of the places within the top four could be sealed.