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Bodybuilding & the Importance of an Adequate Protein Intake

Bodybuilding is a great way to stay in excellent shape as well as keep fat levels to a minimum. It can keep your energy levels at its peak and prevent bone fractures and similar injuries. As you’re bound to know, most bodybuilders have bodies that are in optimal condition. In order to reach that point as well as maintain it, there are various rules that must be followed on a regular basis. One of these rules that is especially important is to consume suitable amounts of protein at all times. If you have been training to become a bodybuilder but have failed to reach your optimal status, you might want to check your protein intake. Here are two specific things to remember about bodybuilding and protein intake:

The correct amount– if you’re wondering just how much protein needs to be consumed on a daily basis in order to maintain and build muscle, you should aim for double your body weight at a minimum. Your muscles need to be fed in order to be repaired and rebuilt and the appropriate amount of nourishing amino acids need to be consumed in order for this to occur. For instance, if you weigh 180 pounds, you need to consume a minimum of 360 grams of high quality protein a day. Studies show that whey is an excellent source of protein which is easily assimilated by the body, although eggs, beef, chicken and turkey and excellent sources as well.

Protein supplements– if you are finding it difficult to meet the appropriate protein levels with food alone, there are many Bodybuilding Supplements available that you can take on a regular basis. There are many websites that sell quality Supplements. Shakes, bars and similar products can help you meet your protein requirements, because with diet alone it will be nearly impossible to consume the amount of protein necessary to adequately nourish your muscles when bodybuilding.

As long as you remember to consume appropriate levels of protein on a daily basis, everything else should fall into place when it comes to your success at bodybuilding. It might be helpful to use one of the free online nutritional calculators that can keep track of the amount of protein you’re consuming. You might be amazed at how low your protein intake is unless you’re counting the grams vigilantly.


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