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When You Know Your Start Up Is Succeeding

According to Forbes magazine, about 90 percent of all startups fail. However, getting people mad about your products or services is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes getting someone mad is exactly the right thing to do to make your startup ultimately succeed. So how do you know if your start up is doing well?

It’s The Opposite Of The Norm

Let’s look at California startup Hampton Creek as an example of a successful startup. They decided to make egg less food products that normally call for eggs. According to this article about Hampton Creek by Wired online magazine, many noses were knocked out of joint when the startup announced it had successfully created a vegan egg. Their most popular product is called Just Mayo, an eggless mayonnaise. This prompted the Food and Drug Administration to complain of false advertising, since consumers expect eggs in their mayonnaise. This may sound silly, but it all wound up being great publicity for Hampton Creek.

Gives A Segment of People What They’ve Been Looking For

Vegans have been and continue to be a segment of the population that other segments like to make fun of. For vegans, it can be very hard to find food products that do not contain even traces of animal products like milk or eggs. By making egg-less foods like Just Mayo, Hampton Creek already sparks the interest of an unappreciated customer base. Parents of kids with egg allergies also are looking for egg-free alternatives.

Communicates Well With Vendors and Customers

Successful startups build a relationship with their vendors and customers. They have a strong company mission. They are active in social media, not only promoting their products but offering information they know are valuable to their customers. They react to criticism calmly and professionally. They let customers and vendors know what products and services they plan on making in the near future. There should be no sudden shocks for customers or vendors.

Spends Conservatively

It used to be that startups had to spend money to make money — a LOT of money mostly on credit. A good startup refuses to splash out the dough for extravagances like private jets for the higher-ups in the corporate ladder. Money needs to go back into making quality products or services.

Many Health Benefits Of Green Tea Powder

Most people have heard about the health benefits of drinking green tea, but for many it may be difficult to drink enough tea to make a noticeable difference. Now, it’s possible to get the awesome benefits of green tea by using green tea powder. Increased energy, a boost in metabolism, and beneficial antioxidants are some of the health advantages gained by using a green tea supplement. In fact, because Matcha Green Tea Powder is made by using the entire leaf, not just a portion of it, it’s quite potent. It is believed that the body gets 137 times more antioxidants in each 1/2 teaspoon serving of the powder than it would get by consuming a traditional serving of green tea.

Of course, increased energy is something most people are looking for, and by consuming a serving of green tea powder each morning, either in a drink or baked goods, one can expect an increased energy boost for at least four to six hours. This energy isn’t a jittery, artificial type energy. Focus is improved, thus improving concentration, too. The supplement is said to stimulate while it relaxes, allowing for steady energy and focus.

Green tea is said to increase metabolism and aid in weight loss by intensifying the rate the body burns calories. It’s simple to incorporate green tea powder into food or drink a few times a day to help the body shed excess weight. It is believed that instead of the average 8-10% expenditure, by using the green tea supplement, the body’s expenditure is closer to 35-40+%, making the body much more efficient at losing weight.

Antioxidants are important to the body, especially as it ages. Antioxidants protect the body against oxidation, thus protecting it from age-related diseases and the natural effects of aging. Because the green tea powder is in such a concentrated form, only a small amount gives the body the protection it needs each day.

Don’t only hear about the benefits of green tea, act on them. Just a small amount of this supplement will give most people stamina like never before, along with the ability to focus well. The body will also run smoothly, like a finely tuned machine, burning excess calories, making the excess weight fall off, all while taking in important antioxidants to keep it young and strong. Give it a try today and you’ll be glad you did.

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