7 pc games best strategy that can train the brain

1. Age of Empires 3

One of the best strategy games is not “Casino Reviews” but in my opinion is Age of Empires. The exciting battle and mastering one by one which would effect challenging for you. for now “as far as I am” this game there are 3 series, to 1, to 2, to 3, for which the most recent is the age of empires 3 are on a graph that is extraordinary and stories more complete and challenging starting from the discovery America until the rise of the United States. In addition, you can play other nations such as China, Japan, British, Germany, and other nations. Although all three are fantastic series but also the previous series is no less exciting.


2. Warcraft III

Warcraft III may be said one of the best games and legend of all time, in this game, you play in a fantasy world to control various fantasy races, such as orcs, demons, elves, and much more. This game became very popular when release a mod called DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) is very popular in the online game. which is now more focused agaln control of a super hero of the combat units you.

3. Civilization V

This game is a game of diplomacy that is almost similar to Age of Empires, but in this game it turned to the power of diplomacy of a country where only by diplomatic means we can control all the other civilizations. This game starts from 4000 BC and as time passed, the player will reach the age subsequent to the days of the future. Although the fighting in this game is less exciting than the game Age of Empires but for strategy game lovers like me then this game deserves the same position with Age of Empires III.

4. Rise of Nations

The same game with Age of Empires, but the difference is more concerned with fighting game than collecting resources and in this game is able to penetrate to the information age that rely on nuclear missiles and air bombardment to crush the enemy. Game starts from antiquity where humans only recognize spear guns and swords. Game continues until modern times where humans wearing nuclear, aircraft and machine gun to beat the enemy.

5. Dark age wars

This game is an online game that had set in Europe during the Middle Ages. players must build their empire, building economic and military forces gather to attack other players.
players assume the role of a king who must expand their empire after the return from the Crusades. there are a wide variety of buildings and military units available in the game and players can even work together with other players to form an alliance, this game really sharpen the brain each player.

6. Company of Heroes 2

This game is set in the second world war but focus more on the east side of the camp with the player favored the Soviet Red Army camp in some stage of the game. From Operation Barabarossa to fight in Berlin, is quite exciting and quite make our brains dizzy

7. Dota 2

last and most exciting is the Dota 2, Dota 2 is the development of the game Defense of the Ancients (DotA) was first developed by Valve Corporation, the game is released on July 9, 2013 and the free-to-play for Microsft Windows, each bout in Dota 2 is divided into two teams, both of which included five players and occupy different folders. Victory is obtained by destroying the enemy’s territory. Each player controls the “Hero” dam focus on leveling, getting items and fight against the opposing team.